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Research Centre for Translation of Buddhist Texts

Research Centre for Translation of Buddhist Texts

The Research Centre for Translation of Buddhist Texts

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I. Introduction

In the light of the growing popularity of Buddhism in the global community, the Research Centre for Translation of Buddhist Texts (佛學文獻翻譯研究中心 RCTBT) was established under the School of Translation and Foreign Languages (STFL) with the approval of the Academic Board in early 2023. The Centre aims to promote Buddhist thought with the reinterpretation of Buddhist scriptures and writings across languages, by which we are in a better position to appreciate the critical role of sūtra translation in the dissemination of Buddhist thoughts and the (re-)shaping of Buddhism in China and other parts of the world.

II. Vision/Objectives

The RCTBT, the first of its kind among tertiary institutions in the Greater Bay Area, will facilitate research on the translation of texts on Buddhist teachings and culture, including but not limited to traditional Buddhist literature (i.e., sūtrapiṭaka, vinayapiṭaka, and abhidharmapiṭaka), historical documents, and contemporary Buddhist writings. The RCTBT will focus on the following:

1. To develop infrastructure for research on Buddhist texts and their translations in different languages;
2. To familiarise academics, researchers, and students with key issues and trends in Buddhist scripture translation in the contemporary world;
3. To provide a platform for local and global experts in Buddhist scripture translation to foster collaboration and disseminate research findings; and
4. To identify and support innovative research or translation projects related to the ever-changing world of Buddhist Studies.

III. Capability, Strength, and Positioning of the Centre

As a strategic move, the RCTBT will be beneficial to HSUHK and the community at large and serves as a pioneer attempt to promote Buddhist teachings through academic research and translation. More specifically, the Centre will

1. enable HSUHK to stand out as a pioneer in the higher education sector that offers authoritative translation and reinterpretation of Buddhist texts and thus increase the University’s visibility;
2. popularise Buddhist teachings across languages and help students, translators, and academics develop a better understanding of Buddhism;
3. contribute to the revitalisation of Buddhist culture and facilitate cultural interaction among global Buddhist communities; and
4. provide students with hands-on training in exploring cross-cultural issues in Buddhist texts, developing relevant language technology, and analysing textual data on Buddhism.

VI. Organisation Structure

Dr SIU Sai Yau – Assistant Professor

1. Professor FONG Chee Fun, Gilbert – Dean and Professor
2. Dr CHAN Kar Yan, Shelby Associate Dean and Associate Professor
3. Dr SIU Sai Cheong – Associate Professor
4. Dr WANG Honghua, Anson – Assistant Professor
5. Mr LEUNG Chun Long, Lawrence – Senior Lecturer
6. Mr CHE Wai Lam, William – Senior Lecturer