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Programme Features

Programme Features

Programme Features

The Bachelor of Translation with Business (Honours) Programme is unique and the first of its kind in Hong Kong. It gives students versatile skills and comprehensive knowledge in translation and business to equip them for future careers in related fields.

Our curriculum is designed on a premise of vibrancy and versatility. The aim is to provide academic and professional training to potential translators and interpreters to serve the increasing needs in language services in global trade. In particular, we offer a unique 4 “I” programme:

Integrated the integration of translation and business studies to educate graduates who are proficient in both languages and business know-how;
Innovative a forward-looking programme designed on the pulse of latest market and academic innovations;
In-depth intensive exploration in various fields of translation and business;
Interesting materials selected from real-life situations that intrigue and inspire students.

We have assembled a team of experienced academics and practitioners with a broad profile of expertise ranging from law, media, finance, advertising, interpreting, linguistics, public relations, arts translation, to computer-aided translation. Together, we strive to equip students with the talents to excel in the changing contexts of the business world in Hong Kong and the world.

We actively engage our students in internships, field studies, overseas exchanges and language immersion programmes.

We are committed to small-class teaching (no more than 20 students in a class) to ensure teacher-student and student-student interactions.

This is a four-year programme. There are two semesters of 15 weeks per year. Students are required to study at least 47 modules or 138 credits in total for graduation. Each module consist of 3 credits. Some modules consist of 1.5 credits or 2 credits. Each credit consists of a minimum of 15 contact hours.

There are four study areas: Translation, Language, Business and General Education.