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Learn Foreign Languages with AI

Learn Foreign Languages with AI

STFL Public Lecture Series

The School of Translation and Foreign Languages (STFL) held a series of online public lectures on the topics of AI Technology and Interpreting in March and April 2021. Here are the highlights of the lectures:

AI Technology for Translation Studies (29 March 2021)

Dr Siu Sai Yau, Assistant Professor of the STFL, introduced a conceptual framework for applying artificial intelligence (AI, including deep learning) to Translation Studies and explained computer-assisted research approaches to the investigation of translation phenomena. He also demonstrated several self-developed AI-powered digital applications and illustrated how they help explore the social networks of translators, analyse geographical and temporal data on the history of translation, and interpret extant ancient language manuscripts, such as Buddhist Sanskrit and the Taught Scripts.

Learn Foreign Languages with AI (24 April 2021)

The rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent years has facilitated the development of language-related applications. Dr Siu Sai Cheong, Associate Professor and Programme Directors of Bachelor of Translation with Business (Hon.) and MA in Translation (Computer-Aided Translation) Programmes of the STFL, demonstrated and shared in the talk practical tips on how to learn foreign languages with different tools. After the talk, Dr Shelby Chan, Associate Dean of the STFL and Programme Director of MA in Translation (Business and Legal) Programme, and Dr Siu introduced the admission information of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered by the STFL to the audience.

Misconceptions in Interpreting Learning (30 April 2021)

Dr Anson Wang, Assistant Professor of the STFL addressed all kinds of misconceptions in the process of interpreting learning. She analysed the personality of interpreters and explained the relationship between memory and note-taking. Finally, she shared with the audience the influence of technology in interpreting.