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BTB Students Attend G-20 Summit Simulation at HSMC

BTB Students Attend G-20 Summit Simulation at HSMC

9 November 2017

BTB Students Attend G-20 Summit Simulation at HSMC

Five students from the School of Translation represented the Republic of Indonesia in the G-20 2017 Summit Simulation at HSMC.

In ethnic costumes, these representatives spoke for Indonesia in simulated leadership meetings while Alky Pak, ‘Indonesian Environment Minister’, chaired a discussion about environmental issues and delivered a summary to the ‘press’.

Co-organised by HSMC and the Hong Kong-America Center, the summit simulation provided students from various disciplines with an opportunity to perform the roles of Heads of State, Foreign Ministers, Finance Ministers and Environment Ministers of the 20 member states and tackle global crises through ‘transnational collaboration’.

From data research to agenda preparation and participation, students could not only deepen their understanding of international issues but also enhance their information synthesis skills, public speaking abilities, negotiation tactics and teamwork. 

G20 Kurt Tong

Keynote address by Mr. Kurt Tong, U.S. Consul General to Hong Kong and Macau

G20 Akly Pak edited

Alky Pak, ‘Indonesian Environment Minister’, chairs the environment meeting

G20 Group photo

BTB lecturers and participating students