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  • Curriculum

    Core modules (12 credits)

    Module CodeCEFModule TitleCEF Course CodeCredit Units
    TRA6001Translation Technology: Knowledge and Skills38Z11423A3
    TRA6002Professional Language Services: Skills and Strategies38Z1142483
    TRA6003 (TRA5003)Translation in Business and Law38Z1142563
    TRA6004Professional Workshop for Online Collaborative Translation38Z1142643

    Elective Modules (12 Credits)

    Area 1: Professional Language Services (Computer-aided)
    Module CodeCEFModule TitleCEF Course CodeCredit Units
    TRA6101Scientific and Technical Translation3
    TRA6102Translation for International Trade and Transportation3
    TRA6103Electronic Tools for Translators of Philosophical, Historical and Literary Texts3
    TRA6104Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation3
    TRA6105 (TRA5110)Interpreting for Business and Law3
    TRA6106Translation for Digital Entertainment3
    Area 2: Translation Technology
    Module CodeCEFModule TitleCEF Course CodeCredit Units
    TRA6201Localisation and Bilingual Web Development3
    TRA6202Technology for Bilingual Digital Marketing 3
    TRA6203Natural Language Processing for Translators3
    TRA6204Technology for Translation Research3
    TRA6205Advanced Topics in Translation Technology3
    TRA6206Technology for Interpreting3

    This module has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under Continuing Education Fund purposes. The mother programme (Master of Arts in Translation (Computer-aided Translation)) of this module is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level 6).


    In order to be eligible for the award of the Master of Arts in Translation (Computer-Aided Translation), students are required to

    1. complete a minimum of 24 credits as laid down in the Programme curriculum;
    2. complete the four core modules;
    3. complete at least one elective module in Area 1 (Professional Language Services (Computer-aided));
    4. complete at least one elective module in Area 2 (Translation Technology); and
    5. obtain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.


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