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Examples of Elective Modules

Examples of Elective Modules

Translation Elective Modules

Module CodeModule TitleCredit Units
TRA2103Translation for Advertising3
TRA2104Introduction to Bilingual Data Analysis3
TRA2121Cultural Issues in Translation3
TRA2122Pragmatics and Translation3
TRA3101Financial Translation 23
TRA3102Business Law Translation 23
TRA3103Public Relations Translation3
TRA3104Film and Television Translation3
TRA3105Computer and Business Translation 13
TRA3106Tourism and Translation3
TRA3107Mobile Application Design and Development for Translators3
TRA3111Conference Interpreting3
TRA3112Consecutive Interpreting (P-E / E-P)3
TRA3131Overseas Studies3
TRA3151Game Localisation1.5
TRA3152Translation and Sanskrit Buddhist Scriptures1.5
TRA3153Translation for Global Sustainability1.5
TRA3154Translation and Topics in International Affairs1.5
TRA3155Translation and Lexicography1.5
TRA4101Professionalism in Translation and Translation Management3
TRA4102Translation for the Arts Industry3
TRA4103Translation and Copywriting3
TRA4104Computer and Business Translation 23
TRA4105Film and Television Translation 23
TRA4106Financial and Business News Translation 23
TRA4107Translation for Social Media3
TRA4111Simultaneous Interpreting3
TRA4122Comparative Stylistics3
TRA4123Semantics and Translation3
TRA4131Research Seminar3
TRA4151Translation for the IT Industry1.5

Business Elective Modules

Module CodeModule TitleCredit Units
ACY2001Financial Accounting3
ACY2002Management Accounting 13
ACY2011Business Accounting3
ACY3002Intermediate Accounting 23
ACY3003Hong Kong Taxation3
ACY3005Management Accounting 23
ACY3021Hong Kong Company Law3
Business Studies
BUS2001Principles of Marketing3
BUS3001Marketing Research3
BUS3002Consumer Behaviour3
BUS3003Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications3
BUS3004Sales Force Management3
BUS4001Marketing in China3
BUS4003Retail and Channel Management3
BUS4004Business to Business Marketing3
BUS4005Strategic Marketing3
BUS4006Services Marketing3
BUS4008Global Marketing3
BUS4010Brand Management3
Economics and Finance
ECO3001Money and Banking3
ECO3002Introduction to Econometrics3
FIN2001Financial Management3
FIN3001Financial Institutions and Markets3
FIN3003Principles of Investments3
FIN3004Corporate Finance3
FIN4004Personal Financial Planning3
FIN4007International Finance3
MGT2011Organizational Behavior3
MGT3011Management Skills Development3
MGT2012Human Resources Management3
MGT3012Training and Development3
MGT3013International Management3
MGT3021Recruitment and Selection3
MGT3022Performance and Compensation Management3
MGT3023China Business3
MGT3026Asian Business3
MGT3212Conflict and Negotiation3
MGT4001Business Policy and Strategy3
MGT4007International Business3

Foreign Languages Modules

Module CodeModule TitleCredit Units
FLA1101German I3
FLA1109French I3
FLA1111Spanish I3

General Education Elective Modules

Students are required to take at least ONE module from each of the following clusters:

  • Cluster 1: Humanities
  • Cluster 2: Social Sciences
  • Cluster 3: Science, Medicine and Technology
  • Cluster 4: Moral Reasoning

Please refer to the website of Centre for Teaching and Learning for the list of modules for each cluster.

Note: BTB students are advised to take TRA1221 Thinking Through Translation (of Cluster 1) in the first year of study.

Examples of Elective Modules