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Alumni-LAI Ka Yi, Clara

Alumni-LAI Ka Yi, Clara

Clara Lai_Photo

LAI Ka Yi, Clara

Project Officer
BTB Graduate of 2017

Being a college student has been one of the most memorable periods of my life. I am grateful that I joined the BTB family four years ago. Apart from acquiring translation and business knowledge from supportive professors, I had a chance to visit the UK through an exchange programme. This experience has tremendously enhanced my English proficiency and enabled me to discover cultural differences between the UK and Hong Kong, thus further sharpening my translation skills. I also participated in an internship to apply what I had learnt. All these experiences have paved the way for my future. However, I could never have gone through this journey alone. Everyone I met in the past few years, including my friends, professors and the ones who have offered me help, has spiced up my life in HSMC.